Chin Augmentation

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Well-balanced features are key to an attractive face. It's called "facial harmony." If a weak or recessed chin is detracting from your facial harmony, an custom fitted chin implant can help bring it back.



Chin Implant Surgery in Richmond

Beautiful faces come in all shapes; our distinct features are what make each of us unique. But if you’re bothered by the effect a weak or recessed chin has on your appearance, there’s no need to keep this one unique feature as-is.

By placing a custom-fitted implant around your chin bone, a skilled plastic surgeon can add strength and definition to your chin and jawline, bringing your facial features into harmony and giving you a more refined, graceful neckline.

How chin augmentation can help

Many men and women are bothered by the way their chin affects their facial appearance. A weak chin can obscure the natural definition between the jawline and neck, or even cause your nose to appear too large for your face. By bringing the chin back into proportion, chin augmentation surgery helps to create a natural balance that enhances all of your facial features.

Your Richmond chin augmentation

Dr. Stephen Chen has extensive training in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He combines his intricate knowledge of facial anatomy with his artistic skill as a board certified plastic surgeon to select a chin implant that looks natural to a patient’s unique features. He will spend time with you to understand what changes you would like to make.

For most patients, chin augmentation is a straightforward procedure that takes less than 1 hour to perform. Dr. Chen makes a small incision either inside the mouth or underneath the chin. Through this incision, he creates a space for the chin implant, and places the implant around the chin bone.

Following surgery, the incisions are sutured, and your chin will be taped for support. You will be allowed to go home shortly after surgery to recover.

What is recovery like after chin implant surgery?

You may experience some discomfort for a few days, but pain is rarely an issue. Post-operative swelling may affect your speech for a short time, and your chin and mouth will feel stiff when you talk and smile. Most patients return to normal activity within 1 week, although you may need to stick to softer foods for up to 3 weeks. The results can be permanent, although it may be necessary to replace your chin implant at some point in the future.

Combining facial procedures for enhanced results

Combining facial reshaping procedures can create dramatic improvements, even with subtle enhancements to each feature. Chin augmentation is frequently combined with neck liposuction to enhance the jawline while reducing a “double chin” to refined the entire neckline. Placing a chin implant at the time of rhinoplasty can refine the nose and the jawline for a beautiful result. Dr. Chen will be happy to discuss your options for combining procedures if you wish.

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