Dermal Fillers

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Fine lines, wrinkles and age-related volume loss are no match for injectable fillers! Soft, natural-feeling and excellent for restoring facial volume, fillers can smooth out creases and restore youthful contours to cheeks or lips.


Injectable Fillers in Richmond

Sooner or later, we all start to notice signs of aging on our faces: creases around the nose, mouth or eyes, sunken, sagging cheeks, or thinning, lined lips. If you, like millions of others, feel too young to have these signs of aging define your appearance, injectable dermal fillers can help!

Dermal fillers are soft, gel-like substances that sit just beneath the skin, where they help to plump facial tissues and smooth away fine lines and creases for anywhere from 6 months to 2 years or longer.

How dermal filler injections can help

Wrinkles don’t happen by accident. Over time, our skin stops producing collagen as quickly, losing its elastic quality. At the same time, underlying tissues lose volume. The result is similar to what happens when you let air out of a beach ball: the outer layers cannot readily contract to the reduction in volume, so the skin’s surface appears deflated, and creases appear.

Dermal fillers act as a temporary substitute for youthful volume. When injected strategically beneath the skin, fillers push outward on the skin’s surface, smoothing wrinkles, and adding shape and volume to thinning facial features and treating a number of common problems:

  • Soften creases around the nose or mouth
  • Smooth out smile lines or “parentheses”
  • Minimize vertical lip lines
  • Enhance the lips
  • Restore volume to hollowed cheeks
  • Rejuvenate the hands

Which filler do I need?

With dozens of filler options on the market; it can be tricky to know which is right for you. Your best bet? Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon, who can determine which filler will get the best results based on your goals and anatomy. All of the fillers available with Dr. Chen contain FDA approved materials that safely absorbed by the body over time.

  • Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as JuvédermVOLUMARestylane, and Restylane Lyft are the most popular fillers. These are smooth gels made from a substance naturally occurring in the body called hyaluronic acid. Results are immediate and last for 6 to 24 months, depending on the treatment area and formula. HA fillers can be used to fill tiny vertical lip lines, smooth deep folds, or even enhance the cheeks or lips.
  • Calcum hydroxylapatite fillers, such as Radiesse, also restore volume immediately, but the particles in the filler also help to stimulate natural collagen production, helping results last 1 year or longer. Radiesse is best for smoothing wrinkles around the nose, mouth and chin as well as rejuvenating the hands.
  • Poly-L-lactic acid fillers, such as Sculptra Aesthetic, are known as collagen stimulators. Instead of immediately filling the area with a gel, collagen stimulators work by accelerating natural collagen production. A series of injections is usually needed, and results appear gradually over 2 to 3 months. Results can last for up to 2 years before re-treatment is needed.

What to expect with your Richmond filler treatment

Dermal filler injections are quick, safe and simple at our Richmond plastic surgery practice. You’ll be in and out in less than 30 minutes. After going over treatment goals, we will cleanse the injection site and give you a topical numbing agent to enhance your comfort during treatment.

You may feel a pinching sensation and pressure as the filler is injected. Following treatment, you are free to go about your day as usual. Mild, temporary bruising, redness and swelling are common after injection, but these side effects will subside within the first 2 weeks after treatment. Depending on the filler you are receiving, you may feel a lumpy texture at first; this is normal and will resolve after a week or two.

How can I ensure natural looking results with fillers?

Provider skill and experience are the single most important factors when it comes to getting beautiful, natural results with fillers. By choosing our medical aesthetic team, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Chen, you are ensuring that your treatment is performed by a trained, licensed professional with experience, knowledge of facial anatomy, and an artistic eye for symmetry and proportion—all of which are essential to help a patient look more youthful without changing his or her natural appearance.

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