Male Breast Reduction

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When's the last time you felt confident going shirtless? Male breast reduction with Dr. Stephen Chen can restore a firmer, flatter chest contour with virtually undetectable scars. Keep reading to learn more.



Gynecomastia Treatment in Richmond, VA

Would you sooner stay home than bare your chest at the gym or in the pool? You’re definitely not alone. It’s estimated that up to 50% of men experience gynecomastia, or enlarged breasts, during their lives. But just because a condition is common doesn’t mean it’s easy to live with. Having so-called “moobs” can be life-limiting, keeping a man from feeling confident in social situations and even impacting intimate encounters.

There’s no known cause for gynecomastia, but there is an effective treatment: male breast reduction surgery. This typically straightforward procedure removes excess fat and glandular tissue and sculpts a firmer, more masculine contour to the chest. Most patients are back to work within 1 week, and back to the gym in just a few more.

How male breast reduction can help

If you are self-consciousness about the way your chest looks due to excess fat or breast tissue, then male breast reduction could help you feel more confident in your appearance. The procedure can also correct puffy nipples or sagging skin on the chest after weight loss.

  • Give you more options for tailored shirts
  • Allow you to enjoy swimming, jogging and other activities without worrying about how your chest looks
  • Boost your self-image, which can enhance professional and personal relationships

About Richmond male breast reduction surgery

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Chen is known for his body contouring work. He tailors the male breast reduction procedure to achieve lasting results that look natural to your physique. Depending on the amount and nature of the tissue that needs to be removed, he may perform the procedure using liposuction, tissue excision, or a combination of both.

Liposuction for male breast reduction

Dr. Chen can often treat gynecomastia using liposuction alone for patients with good skin elasticity, who have excess fat but minimal glandular tissue in the chest. The procedure involves one or two tiny incisions on each side, typically hidden in the armpit. Once healed, scars are barely detectable, even by the patient himself. Learn more about liposuction for men »

Tissue excision for male breast reduction

Men with a substantial amount of glandular tissue in the breast, as well as those with stretched, lax skin to address, will often require tissue excision for optimal results. Incisions are typically located around the natural edge of the areola to help camouflage the scar. Through this incision, Dr. Chen removes the excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin, shaping remaining tissues to achieve a naturally masculine contour.

Recovery after male breast reduction

Male breast reduction is an outpatient procedure, and you will go home shortly after surgery to recover at home. You will be able to get up and walk around that same day, but do rest most of the time: watch TV, read, or use this rare opportunity to take plenty of naps.

Post-operative pain is usually minimal; intense soreness is more common. Dr. Chen will give you a compression garment to wear for up to 6 weeks while your incision sites heal. This garment supports your new chest shape and helps control swelling, so wear it all the time, only removing it to shower.

Male breast reduction patients are typically back to a desk job within 1 week after surgery, and exercise may be gradually resumed after 2 to 3 weeks in most cases. Dr. Chen will provide you with individualized instructions for your surgery and recovery.

Life after gynecomastia treatment

Male breast reduction enjoys a very high patient satisfaction rate: 96% of patients on RealSelf say their surgery was worth it! Without the “moobs” holding you back, you’ll likely find you enjoy social activities more and feel more confident about your body in general. To ensure your results last for many years, maintain a stable weight. Future weight gain could cause fat to accumulate in the chest once again.

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