10 Spooky Snacks, Meals, & Treats Your Kids Will Love

Oct 25, 2017
10 Spooky Snacks, Meals, & Treats Your Kids Will Love
It’s officially the spookiest month of them all—and the Halloween season is one of the most enjoyable for parents and kids alike. From costume-making and party planning to DIY decor and spooky crafts, chances are your days will be full of fun activities.

10 Spooky Snacks, Meals, & Treats Your Kids Will Love

It’s officially the spookiest month of them all—and the Halloween season is one of the most enjoyable for parents and kids alike. From costume-making and party planning to DIY decor and spooky crafts, chances are your days will be full of fun activities.

Given everyone has to eat, why not extend the creepy motif to meal and snack times with some of these great, Halloween-inspired recipes?

Easy scare-tastic snacks

Looking for quick ways to give your kids a few tasty bites and have a blast while at it? Here are some of our favorite recipes that you can make on the go or pack in school lunches for a scary delight!

1. Monster Popcorn Balls

Kettle corn, green food coloring, marshmallows, and a few edible decorations come together to make these quick and hilarious little monsters. For ease, we suggest pre-purchasing some of the candy eyeballs and vampire teeth from your local arts and crafts store.

Get your kids involved: Have your kids mix the ooey, gooey mixture of popcorn and marshmallows, shape the mixture into balls, and add the eyes and tongues to the creatures to help include them cooking and fun! This one is so simple, even little ones can help.

2. Goblin Apple Bites

Apples and peanut butter are a nutritious, delicious snack—but on their own, not very spooky. Giving this go-to treat a Halloween makeover is as simple as adding some homemade googly eyes, edible teeth (sunflower seeds or almond slices), and a strawberry tongue. Voilà! Your little monsters have a goblin to gobble.

Get your kids involved: Kids can help parents by spreading the peanut or sunflower butter on the slices, adding the teeth, and sticking on the tongues and eyes.

3. Grapefruit Jack-o-lanterns

Giving fruit a little Halloween pizazz (and giving your kiddos a healthy snack while you’re at it!) doesn’t have to be a complicated task. All you need to do is scoop out a grapefruit, carefully carve out eyes and a smile, and fill it up with a tasty, homemade fruit salad, and you’ll have a new spin on a traditional pumpkin jack-o-lantern.

Get your kids involved: While younger kids may need to leave the carving to their parents, they can help by mixing all their favorite fruits in a bowl with spices and then stuffing the grapefruits with the mixture.

Meals for your little monsters

Making fun, Halloween-themed meals may sound like a chore after working all day, but we’ve found a number of recipes that don’t require much extra time, look awesome and taste delicious, and inspire the kids to help out at meal time!

4. Start the day with Dia de Los MuerToasts

Toast is a common breakfast component, but it can be a bit boring—particularly compared to all these other Halloween treats. Luckily, these Día de los Muertos toasts are an easy, interactive way to give your morning meal a pick-me-up.

Get your kids involved: Lay out all the add-ons and let them go to town decorating their own toast with dried berries, nuts, cereal, and fresh fruit.

5. Have a monster of a lunch

What kid doesn’t love burgers, veggie or otherwise? The all-American staple gets a Halloween facelift this monster veggie burger recipe—and we’re sure your kids will love taking a chomp out of it! Plus, using pre-made veggie or beef burgers make this meal a cinch.

Get your kids involved: Have your youngsters build their monster with pre-sliced add-ons, condiments, and creepy decorations like fangs and eyes.

6. Making pizza with mummy for dinner

Most families are pro-pizza. This saucy, cheesy food is a fun way to get kids involved in cooking—and making your end-product a little more Halloween-like is simple. Get creative with toppings and decorate your pizza like a mummy, arrange your cheese in ghostly shapes, or cover it in black olive spiders.

Photo & recipe courtesy of Pillsbury

Get your kids involved: Older kids can help slice up toppings to be used for decorations and younger children will have a blast assembling the final look.

No tricks, just treats

There are so many kid-friendly Halloween desserts, it can be difficult to choose. Below you’ll find some of our favorites for simple but satisfying results.

7. It’s really aliiiiiive

Remember the Jello jingle from your childhood? “J-E-LL-O, it’s alive”! Well, this jello comes alive with spiders, worms, and spider eggs galore. The combination of tapioca, electric green jello, and a few well-placed gummy worms gives this treat a spooky feel your kids will love.

Get your kids involved: Kids will enjoy mixing the jello and artfully adding in tapioca, worms, and other decor. Once it’s ready, they can finish it off with some plastic spiders!

8. It’s a Boo-Nana

This simple dessert is quick, easy, and yummy. To create these boo-nana pops, all you need are some bananas, popsicle sticks, melted white chocolate, and mini-chocolate chips for eye. Pop them in the freezer, and you have a healthier take on a frozen treat.

Get your kids involved: Get your mini-chefs to stick the popsicle sticks into the bananas and help them as they dip into the white chocolate and pop on the eyes.

9. Try these Frankenstein pops

For the more ambitious type or families with aspiring chefs, you can try your hand at these Frankenstein pops. Using edible markers, pretzels, marshmallows, and melting chocolate, these treats require you to call upon your inner artist for creative inspiration. Fun? Yes! And while they’re more intensive than our other selections, they’ll be tasty no matter the final result.

Get your kids involved: Your kids can help by placing the marshmallows on sticks, dipping them in the melting chocolate, and even add some of the artistic final touches. There’s a strong likelihood your final results may not quite resemble the picture above, but the process will be fun regardless!

10. Ghostly goodies

We’re wrapping up our list with a super simple, totally adorable ghost pretzel treat. This is a fun take on chocolate covered pretzels—and all they require is a bit of assembly. Dip mini pretzels into white chocolate, add some store bought candy eyes, and you’ve got a “bootiful” treat to enjoy!

Get your kids involved: kids of all ages can help place the eyes on the pretzels, and older children can help dip the pretzels in chocolate.

What are your favorite ways to keep kids entertained during the busyness of the holiday season? Let us know in the comment section.