5 Areas That Liposuction Treats

Feb 01, 2024
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Liposuction can be a life-changing procedure, especially if it can correct a problem area that bothers you. You may not be aware of all the areas of the body where liposuction can be a solution to remove fat.

Liposuction is a procedure that removes body fat, and it’s a remarkably popular method of body contouring. More than 250,000 men and women in the United States have liposuction each year, eliminating stubborn pockets of fat and meeting aesthetic goals. 

One imperative step in deciding whether or not liposuction is right for you is choosing to work with a skilled physician who can guide you through what to expect. Dr. Stephen Chen has the training and skills to get your surgery right, and can help you understand what is most likely to help you reach your goals.

In this post, we consider five areas of the body that liposuction can change. 

1. Chest

When you think about cosmetic surgery and the chest, you probably think about breast augmentation. However, liposuction is a popular choice to treat the chest, especially among men.

Men who have gynecomastia, or who simply have excess fat on their chest, can benefit from liposuction. You can have a sculpted, attractive look, even if you’ve been frustrated by a lack of success in the gym. 

2. Abdomen

Excess fat on your abdomen is a common problem that can feel intractable. Perhaps you’ve counted every calorie, done innumerable crunches, and your waist is still bigger than you’d like. 

As long as you’re at a stable weight, within about 30% of your goal weight, liposuction could be a good solution for eliminating stubborn abdominal fat. Your clothes will fit better, and you’ll feel more confident. 

3. Buttocks

It may be all the rage to “grow your glutes” at the gym, but having excess fat on your buttocks can cause undesirable dimpling, or a more square shape than you’d prefer. Dr. Chen can use liposuction to help you get the contour you want. 

4. Thighs

Three different sections of your thighs can cause issues, and all three can be treated with liposuction. You may have saddlebags, which are caused by excess fat on your outer thighs, or you may wish that you had less fat on your inner thighs. Extra fat on the back of your thighs can make your buttocks less defined.

Dr. Chen can treat all three areas at the same time, if necessary. 

5. Face

Do you wish your jawline was more defined? Have you wanted to get rid of your double chin your whole life? Liposuction could be the solution. 

Liposuction can be used to remove fat from your cheeks and your neck. When it’s used in combination with other procedures, liposuction can give you a more defined contour. 

Get tailored guidance

Deciding to have liposuction can feel like a big decision, and it’s important for you to understand what kinds of results you can expect. Dr. Chen can walk you through the decision-making process and give you advice based on your individual circumstances and goals. Make your appointment today