Take Years Off Your Appearance with Eyelid Surgery

Feb 10, 2023
Take Years Off Your Appearance with Eyelid Surgery
You’ve heard of a facelift, but have you heard of an eye lift? Eyelid surgery can change your appearance in a surprising way, leaving you looking more refreshed and younger. Here’s what you need to know.

The medical name for eyelid surgery is blepharoplasty, a procedure that may be done for medical and cosmetic reasons. If your eyelids droop so that they interfere with your vision, an eye lift can correct the problem. If you don’t like how your eyes look, eyelid surgery may help you look younger and more refreshed. 

Dr. Stephen Chen offers blepharoplasty to his patients to reduce the look of sagginess, puffiness, or a drooping expression. Dr. Chen can perform upper, lower, or both eyelid surgeries, depending on your needs.

Why your eyelids droop

Time and gravity affect every part of your body, even your eyelids! Over time, the muscles that support your eyelids weaken, the delicate skin stretches, and the small pads of fat give your eyelids shape sag. In some cases, the skin of your eyelid can sag so that it obstructs your peripheral vision or even rests on your eyelashes and interferes with your sight. 

In your lower lid, the sagginess can cause under-eye puffiness, so you perpetually appear not to sleep well. Your lower eyelid may also pull away from your eye so that your eyes always look red. 

What eyelid surgery can and can’t do

During eyelid surgery, Dr. Chen removes excess skin and fat from your lids, which resolves the sagging and may improve your vision.

Eyelid surgery does not change the structure of your face or help with wrinkles or dark circles under your eyes. If the area beneath your eyes is puffy, lower eyelid surgery may help, but it won’t stop dark circles. 

However, the change in your appearance may surprise you. Drooping eyelids make you look older and may also make you look tired all the time, even if you get plenty of sleep.

After the procedure, you can expect your eyes to seem wider; overall, you’ll look perceptibly younger and more well-rested.

What to expect

Whether you’re having surgery on just your upper or lower lids, or all four, the procedure is relatively fast and usually takes about an hour. You’ll be under anesthesia, so you’ll need someone to drive you home.

You may have dry eyes or tearing for a few days, and you’ll want to use cold compresses to ease any swelling or bruising following surgery. Dr. Chen may prescribe medication to help with pain, and you’ll need to refrain from vigorous physical activity for about six weeks after your procedure.

Overall, our patients are very satisfied with the results of blepharoplasty. You may find that you feel more confident about your appearance, and you’ll likely be surprised by the difference!

If you’d like to find out if you’re a candidate for eyelid surgery, schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Chen today!